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Wednesday, November 6, 2019

The best alcohol choice for a healthier holiday

With the approaching Holiday Season come the usual holiday gatherings AND many temptations for over-indulgence with food and drink. We can enjoy these holiday celebrations without guilt or sacrifice by using wisdom in choosing how we participate. 

For a healthier approach to the holiday season, it's best to exercise moderation in what we eat and what we drink. One way to do that is by drinking the healthiest guilt-free wines possible, and the best source I can recommend is Dry Farm Wines. (Note: This is the wine I drink myself, and for the sake of full disclosure, I do get a very small commission if you purchase from Dry Farm Wines through these links. ;)

Why Dry Farm Wines? Dry Farm Wines curates the world’s best healthy, pure, natural wines:

  • Organic

  • Chemical-free. Did you know that in the US winemakers can add up to 76 different chemicals to your wine during the wine-making process?!

  • Sugar free! Less than one carbohydrate per glass. Most wine makers leave lots of glucose and fructose (sugars) in the wine to make it real sweet

  • Less than 12.5% alcohol. Did you know that most wine that you buy in the store is actually 7 to 24% alcohol

  • Nearly sulfite-free. Always less than 75 ppm (parts per million) and usually less than 50 ppm. Most wines are around 300 parts per million as far as I know.  Less sulfites also means that more natural bacteria will survive (which is good)

  • Dry farmed 100%. This means that the wine is made from vineyards that use only natural rainfall rather than using any extra water irrigation, which is just plain a greener way to go

  • No commercial yeast used. Only the natural yeast that actually grow on the grapes are used

  • Mycotoxin-free. Dry Farm Wines tests for this independently.

Dry Farm Wines offers membership in their health community, where you can get access to their lab-tested natural wine as often as you’d like. 

Sign up here, and they’ll add an extra bottle to your order for just a penny!

They’ll also be running a few seasonal offers during the holidays, including some unique opportunities to collect a sample box as a one-time offer on Black Friday and Cyber Monday (more info coming soon!). But for now, check out these offers:

Thanksgiving Selection (11/4 - 11/10) - Wines to pair with Thanksgiving dinner. 

3-pack of sparkling wine - Without the sugar or carbs, you can feel good about clinking those bubbly flutes. You won’t sacrifice your health, and you won’t get negative wine reactions like headaches or energy crashes.

Gifting (anytime)
- A selection to gift to family, friends, clients, or colleagues.

You can find more about Dry Farm Wines here or from my previous blogs:

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My hope is that providing a resource for healthier options will help you to enjoy wines this holiday season that you know fit your healthy lifestyle, leave you feeling great, and taste incredible.


Have a great week, and as always, please feel free to pass this along!

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