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Friday, November 8, 2019

Flu Season? What to do ASAP and How to Prevent it in the First Place

Interestingly, the flu virus actually does not make anyone sick. The flu virus, which includes over 250 virus strains with related pathophysiology, actually mimics a releasing factor in the hypothalamus that tells the hypothalamic cortisol receptors that the body has too much cortisol thereby causing acute adrenal failure. The closer the amino acid sequences of their proteins to the actual human releasing factor, the more virulent the flu virus. This fact has been forever ignored. It is acute adrenal failure that makes people ill from the viral infection, not the virus per se.  Hospitalizations and even death occur from secondary infections, typically pneumonia, that rapidly progress due to complete immune failure from lack of cortisol. NO ONE should ever die from the flu or have to go to the hospital for anything more than IV re-hydration. 

The following is directly from the Townsend Letter which takes its info from "Safe Uses of Cortisol" 1981, 2004, Dr. Wm. Jeffries.  "For more severe illnesses, such as acute influenza, immediately increasing the dosage of cortisol to 20 mg four times daily until they feel completely well, which usually occurs within three or four days..."  Then tapering the dosage lower over the ensuing few days.  This section assumes adrenal fatigue, which I (Dr. Rahm) actually disagree with the term chronic adrenal fatigue, but this general treatment protocol recommendation still applies whether a person is normally healthy or has 'chronic adrenal fatigue'.

Additional heavy duty support for acute flu would involve IV Hydrogen Peroxide for severe flu or IV Vitamin C (actually should be called "IV Ascorbic Acid") for moderate or mild cases of flu.

Additional less-intense support might include therapies like Dessicated Adrenal, Andrographis Complex, Congaplex, Oscillococcinum, among many other options.

The best way to prevent flu comes down to get great quality sleep, eat healthy, and wash hands with water (or spray with silver gel or liquid... please NOT that hand-sanitizer crap that is sold to people at CVS/Walgreens type places), get good sunlight, move your body, and stress less (pray, meditate, family time, gratitude, etc.). 

Have a great week, and feel free to pass this along! And check out the November events below. 😀


November Events:

Two Special Events with Dr. Zach Bush 
Monday, November 18, 2019

6:30 pm - Fireside Chat: Join Zach Bush, MD, for a fireside chat with Greater Pasadena Community Members, their Doctors, and their Farmers. Doctors and Healthcare Practitioners are increasingly aware of the central role of FOOD and the ENVIRONMENT in many current chronic disease epidemics. Community Members are also increasingly changing their PURCHASING and LIFESTYLE choices to reverse this trend. This discussion will "close the loop" in the healthcare cycle, by including the FOUNDATIONAL ROLE of American famers in transforming the health of this generation...and all the generations to follow. 

9:00 pm - VIP Dinner: Join Zach Bush, MD and a small group of friends for a rare dinner opportunity to support Farmer's Footprint Docuseries. This intimate evening will be filled with inspiring conversation about the state of American healthcare and the environment, as well as the challenges and solutions available to us all. Dr. Bush is known for his deep insight into the complex nature of today's challenges, as well as his immense optimism rooted in both science and the human spirit. Don't miss an opportunity to be a part of this memorable evening. 100% of proceeds go to reach the goal of raising $50,000 to complete the Farmer's Footprint Docuseries and release it on National Media. 

CANCELLED - November Awareness Through Movement Class

The class scheduled for November 20th will not be held, but please look for more opportunities to experience Awareness Through Movement in the coming year as Oasis will be hosting additional workshops in 2020.

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