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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Mass Public Shootings Will Increase

Why?  Because of diet, specifically BCDS…

My theory is that BCDS (B-Complex Deficiency Syndrome) is to blame (at least partially).  B-complex is for multiple B-vitamins.  I can’t believe how often I hear that diet “has nothing to do behavior” or “my kid’s doctor said that what I feed him has nothing to do with why he’s acting out”.  Mind boggling to me.  Truly.  The SAD (Standard American Diet) is filled with mostly what I call “nonfoods” like refined and processed carbohydrates and sugar which are nearly devoid of any healthy naturally derived B vitamins (ie. Cereal and pasteurized homogenized milk for breakfast, then chips for a snack, then sugary peanut butter sandwich for lunch).

In young people, BCDS (B-Complex Deficiency Syndrome) leads to emotional problems.  In the young, one of the first signs of BCDS are in the brain and are emotional.  Physiology textbooks explain that vitamin B deficiency in young people can start out as depression then turn to anxiety, irritability, nervousness, fatigue, then severe depression, paranoia, hostility, rage, and overwhelming fear.  Some might say it’s a stretch to blame mass public shootings by more and more teenagers on BCDS, but I don’t think so.  I do not believe the answer to this is more antidepressants and psychotropic drugs.  The crazy part is that all these fear-based feelings are often not even the kids' fault because they don’t know any better.

If you know or own a troubled young person, please encourage them to eat real food and at least consider a whole food based B-complex (NOT a B complex derived from synthetic sources, as this will only make the problem worse after a short improvement!!!!).  A great example is Cataplex B from Standard Process.  6-9 capsules every day.  If the young person is more on the agitated mental side with ADD or ADHD, make sure to also add the calming portion of the B complex which is vitamin G and is found in Standard Process’ Cataplex G.  Take 4-6 capsules every day.  These will make a difference when it comes to emotional health.

Sadly, I don’t see change immediately on the horizon, since millions of people are employed in the processed and fast-food industries, fast food concoctions taste amazing, much money exists in the business of making these nonfoods, and physicians are still prescribing the absurd low-fat diet.  No gun control, background checks, mental health facilities, drugs, or anything else commonly prescribed is going to lift a young person out of a dark place until nutrition is understood and addressed as being hugely related to emotional problems.
I am still optimistic, though, because simply improving the nutritional status of young people will make a monstrous difference. Let me be clear that mental health is much more than just B vitamins; but I am also clear that B vitamins from a whole food source is pertinent to anyone’s mental health.  So, from a B complex standpoint, buy real foods, encourage consumption of said foods, or at least consider B complex supplementation from a real whole foods source.

If you know anyone who is in a dark emotional state or know anyone who owns anyone in this state, please pass this along.  Maybe YOU can help them by doing so.

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