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Thursday, March 17, 2016

My Morning Routine – Do it. Love it.

For those of you who have voiced wondering what I do in the morning (and for those of you who haven’t wondered at all), I will share my morning routine as of late.  I love my routine and I’m pretty sure you’ll love it too if you do it, which I highly recommend :)

In short, this routine will give you energy and tranquility to start your day.  You will feel clear headed too, and you don’t even need a bunch of caffeine to do it for you.

First, I start off by drinking 20 ounces of water with 1-2 drops of lemon essential oil added.  It is great to start out your day hydrated, and the lemon aids digestion and fights cancer cells among many other benefits.

Then a 5–7-minute routine that consists of:
  • Squats – About 10 with good form and while BREATHING robustly.
  • Breath Scaling – Slow deep breathing moving into FAST deep breathing, then back to slow deep breathing over the course of about 1 minute.  Keep knees bent so you don’t faint. Burning nose will disappear quickly.  Do it, get used to it, feel amazing!
  • 5-5 Happy Bubble Breath – Slow deep breathing 5 seconds in, then 5 seconds out, with arms expanding and contracting as you think about hugging a big expanding and contracting bubble along with your happiest thought.  Do about 10 of these.  Hint: you should be smiling this whole exercise.
  • Qigong – Lightly slapping your extremities, shoulders, and low back with slightly cupped hands to open up energy meridians.
  • Tapping/EFT – Lightly tapping on various places with pads of all fingers while silently repeating 3 love-based words about yourself, then ending with saying aloud while tapping on your chest and adding “I am” at the beginning of each word.
  • Meditation – Ideally at least 20 minutes' worth of silent or guided meditation, as this repeated daily is proven to change your brain in an amazing way.  Can do longer or shorter amounts of meditation too, though.

For an extra kick to your day, do all or just a couple of these exercises every hour.  Everyone can only focus on a single task for up to 50 minutes max, so this is a great way to be able to re-focus every hour and stay on your best game.  I suggest doing just the Squats + Breath Scaling + Qigong + Tapping + 8 oz H2O each hour, as you can do that all in about 3 minutes.  And, trust me, you’ll feel like a million bucks!

Watch the video for further demonstration and explanations of each one.  The video is a little longer only because of these deeper explanations and demonstrations.  Enjoy!


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  1. Dr. Rahm,

    I'm going to start this tomorrow.
    You're the best. That is all.