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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Three Anti-Overwhelm Actions

Do you ever feel overwhelmed?  Do you feel overwhelmed almost every day?  Either way, here are three actions that will help stop the "overwhelm" sensation.

Start your day organized.  Upon waking and doing a morning routine (like I demonstrated on a 3/17/2016 Blog), make a list to get organized.  Make it simple by listing the 1-3 things that are most important to you to get done today.  Then make a list of people that you are waiting to hear from (at the end of the day contact them if you haven’t heard from them).  Then make a list of the people you must reach out to.  Also, remember your purpose in life and say it aloud or silently to yourself.  Randomness will lead to overwhelm.  Guaranteed.  Do NOT wake up and start checking emails or Facebook.  You WILL LOSE YOUR DAY that way.  Guaranteed.  Set aside time for email and Facebook AFTER doing the aforementioned action items.

Give yourself breaks.  Your brain needs time to rest, recover, and rejuvenate no matter how amazing and productive you are.  Your body is only designed to focus on any one task for up to about 50 minutes or less.  So take a break AT LEAST once every hour, whether it’s a 30-second break or 10-minute break (at least 2 minutes is suggested).  Watch this video to get a 2-minute version of what I do every (ok, ok, most) mornings.  You’ll notice many similarities, but all squished into just about 2 minutes.
  • Drink About 8 oz. of water.
  • Squats – About 5 with good form and while BREATHING robustly.
  • Breath Scaling – Slow deep breathing moving into FAST deep breathing, then back to slow deep breathing over the course of about 30 seconds.  Keep knees bent so you don’t faint. Burning nose will disappear quickly.  Do it, get used to it, feel amazing!
  • Qigong – Lightly slapping your extremities, shoulders, and low back with slightly cupped hands to open up energy meridians.
  • Tapping/EFT – Lightly tapping on various places with pads of all fingers while silently repeating 3 love-based words about yourself, then ending with saying aloud while tapping on your chest and adding “I am” at the beginning of each word.
Be Mindful.  Life is gonna throw you curveballs every few days, or even every few minutes.  Either way, they will definitely come.  Are you gonna get thrown off kilter by those curveballs, or are you gonna meet them with peace and enthusiasm?  The curveballs that the day throws at you may not always be your choice, but your attitude is.  Developing this skill to meet uncertainty from a place of love takes practice.  So practice it, daily.  As in EVERY DAY and with every curveball.

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