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Thursday, August 20, 2015

3 Questions for Sleep

1. What color light is best before bed and why?

Yellow, orange and red wavelength light (NOT blue or white light) is best before bed because these wavelength do not inhibit melatonin production which is essential to help us fall asleep.  Even just a couple seconds of blue or white light can shut off natural melatonin production for the entire rest of the night.

2. Why are stages 3 and 4 non-REM sleep so important?

These are the stages where healing, repair and rejuvenation of the body occur.  The mind likely starts to convert short term memory into long term memory in this state also.  Stage 4 rejuvenating sleep is achieved during deep sleep about 2 hours before midnight, which is a crucial point.

3. List some healthy sleep recommendations.
  • Sleep with all-natural bedding to avoid off gassing of unnatural toxic substances.
  • No exposure to blue or white light (ie computer, TV, phone) before bed so as not to shut off melatonin production.
  • Magnesium can help to calm the nervous system and aid sleep.
  • Avoid EMF's as much as possible by turning off all electronic devices (ie. computers, phones, TV, etc) and sleeping as far away from EMF producing devices that can't be turned off.
  • Minimize stress and thinking before bed.  Read book by candlelight or low watt orange/yellow/red bulb.
  • Last meal eaten at least 2-3 hours before bed so that the body is focused on sleep and rejuvenation rather than digestion.
  • Clean bedroom with good airflow.

Enjoy the video below - feel free to pass it along....and I hope you enjoy healthy sleep!

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