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Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Should I Get The Vaccine and What Should I Take if I Do Get It?

So many people have asked questions about the vaccine over the last two weeks and asked for another Zoom call, so I recorded this relatively in-depth video for you.

Some of the points addressed in this video along with resources include: 

  • Vaccine side effect discussion (please feel free to read these in depth before making an over-reactive inflammatory decision or comment and remember the truth is usually somewhere in the middle -- with love :) 
  • True vaccine efficacy rate 
    • Vaccine manufacturers claim that Covid-19 vaccines are 95 percent “effective,” but the FDA is allowing companies to define effectiveness as “prevention of mild symptoms.” The studies are not designed to detect a reduction in outcomes such as severe illness, hospitalization or death: 
  • Mandates 
  • The Mutation 
  • Should people be getting the vaccination after already having had COVID? 
  • Re-Infection rates (hint, it's not very high) 
  • Rapid Antigen Testing and Rapid Antibody Testing are available in our office. Both are $85 and results are within 15-20 minutes. Call the office at 818.957.6909 if you have more questions. 
  • Who Should get the vaccine? You'll have to listen to the video to find out, but definitely get it if you if this whole pandemic has got you stressed out and/or you're not going places because of it. 
  • Which Vaccine should I get if I do choose to get it? This is one I forgot to address in the video so in short, I'd say the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines should be thought of as being equivalent. So, no preference. Haven't seen any in depth data on any of the others yet so I'll hold any judgement for now. 
  • COVID case study mentioned previously. See prior blog to learn about how amazing O3D is in balancing out one's physiology. We have had other similar 'cases' and the therapy has 'held' exquisitely! And it's WAY less expensive compared to everywhere else that does it or something similar because it needs to be as available as possible to people who need it. 
  • Take "Vaccine Defense" a day before and at least 3 days after (or more if needed) to help one's physiology 'move through' processing the vaccine. It is $25 and we make almost no profit off of it. Call office at 818.957.6909 if you would like it. 
While there is so much more to say on this tricky subject, I hope you find this video useful.

For those who are wanting to receive one of the COVID Vaccines, you may sign up for an appointment at this link:  Please be sure you fit into the restriction guidelines.


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