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Friday, January 22, 2021

Current Thoughts on this Large P@ndem!c Experiment

After the recent blog/email was sent out, I finally had a chance to listen to a couple other interviews.  Please take a listen:

Interview With Dr. Tom Cowan, Author of The Contagion Myth:  or on Apple Podcast here:

Please listen to this first one with Dr. Tom Cowan and try to poke holes in his theories.  I dare you! ;)  I certainly thought of a few questions I'd love to ask him; however, he explains complex science in easy to understand analogies that should have you questioning the mainstream narrative.

Has Covid-19 Been PURIFIED and Isolated? - Dr. Thomas Cowan and Dr. Andrew Kaufman: 

I'm not promoting anything else specifically on this website, only this particular interview with Dr. Cowan and Dr. Andrew Kaufman.  They're level headedness and open willingness to look at science without becoming attached to the outcome is refreshing.  Again, I'd challenge you to poke holes in what they say.  I certainly still have a few questions for them after listening to this, but this interview is much appreciated all the same.

Dr. Simone Gold - The Truth About the CV-19 Vaccine:

The talk by Dr. Simone Gold is being shared with you because it highlights how treatable this particular sickness is, which has been our experience at Oasis Family Medicine.  She also questions the mainstream narrative, which again, needs to be done, given all the options for treatment that actually do exist but are not being shared with the public (or even almost any of the doctors that are treating in the hospitals).

For those of you who still wish to join the biological injection experiment then you may sign up for an appointment at this link:  Please be sure you fit into their restriction guidelines before making an appointment.

And for those of you who do choose the injection route, at the very least, please take "Vaccine Defense" a day before and at least 3 days after (or preferably a full 7 days after) to help one's physiology "move through" processing the injection. It is $25 and we make almost no profit off of it. Call the office at 818.957.6909 if you would like to use it or send it to a loved one.

Hope you find this video useful.

With Love,

Dr. Yoshi Rahm

P.S. Forgive my getto light coming into the screen shot... still trying to figure out the most efficient way to get these videos done without taking over too much time :)

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  1. Hi Dr Yoshi, thank you for the information. Could you explain what it is the vaccine defense? Is it an injection? What does it contains and how does it helps? Gratefully, Marie-Lou