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Thursday, January 2, 2020

The New Year & The Gut-Brain Axis

Happy New Year! I hope you enjoyed a happy, healthy and fun-filled holiday season. Below are some pictures of our office holiday party. The first one is the OFM team bowling in our ugly Christmas sweaters. Next is Louie and Dr. Anne Kuo - they were the best dressed for our ugly Christmas sweater outfits. And then there's another pic of Louie since he beat us all in bowling and won the prize.  Enjoy!

FREE COMMUNITY EVENT: The Gut-Brain Axis with Kristina Evans, Functional Nutrition Coach on Monday, January 13th @ 6 pm
Kristina Evans was the co-owner and Executive Chef of Rest Farmhouse Inspired in Montrose, California. She now works as a Functional Nutrition Coach, doTerra Wellness Advocate, and AromaTouch Therapist. Kristina has spent the better part of two decades learning how to heal the body from environmental toxin exposure, chronic stress, chronic inflammation, gut dysfunction, and autoimmune disease. Kristina lives in Southern California with her husband and two daughters. She is passionate about food and truly believes it can and will heal our bodies.
The gut-brain axis refers to the bi-directional communication between the gut and the brain. What is happening in the gut can directly impact our brain function and behavior. Science is just now catching up to what our grandmothers have always understood: Take care of your gut and your body will take care of you. Kristina suggests... Take care of your gut and your microbiome will take care of you!
The microbiome, otherwise known as the trillions of micro-organisms that live primarily in the gut, is an integral part of the gut-brain axis. These mighty warriors protect, heal, communicate, aid in digestion, and secrete enzymes that keep our body functioning. To ignore them is to risk major health problems.
Our diet, toxic exposure, and stress all play into the health of our microbiome. We can dramatically improve or impair our microbiome simply by the choices we make. It’s up to us whether we walk in healthy function or dysfunction.
Join us on Monday, January 13th at 6:00 pm at Oasis Family Medicine. Everyone is welcome, and we look forward to seeing you on January 13th!
Have you set your healthcare goals for 2020? If you're considering some health-related New Year's resolutions, I have just the challenge for you.

It's called Transform Your Health in Just 21 Days, a free 21-day series of short emails and short videos which are full of valuable information on easy, simple & effective daily tips to improve your health. We have had so many compliments and thank you's for this free series, I want to highlight it again and encourage you to take the challenge.
This is an excellent way to boost your healthcare goals (AND any New Year's resolutions you might have made), and it's definitely something that will get 2020 off to a great start. Click here to get started!
What are you thankful for? The start of a new year is a great time for reflection on the people and things we are thankful for. I invite you to download the free Oasis Gratitude Journal to use as a guide for doing just that. After all, it's scientifically proven that gratitude makes for a healthier you. :)
With the arrival of cold and flu season, there's no better time to strengthen our immune system, eliminate toxins from our bodies, and boost our overall health with a detoxification program. We offer a 28-day whole body detoxification program kit from Standard Process called SP Detox Balance.  If the 28-day version is too overwhelming, we also offer a 10-day version (which is typically easier than the 28-day version). SP Detox Balance is just $228 in the office (or $255 online) and the 10 Day version is just $76 in the office (or $85 online).
To read more about the benefits of a detoxification program and how it works, read my previous blog here, or feel free to contact the office at (818) 957-6909 with your questions.
Have a great week, and as always, please feel free to pass this along!

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