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Wednesday, August 7, 2019

What is a Cognoscopy?

How well is your brain working?  How’s your memory these days?  Is it as sharp as you would like? Do you feel like your brain is working as well as it used to?  Do you feel like your brain is stuck in first gear even when you’d like to kick it into 5th gear?  Do you walk into a room and then find yourself needing to take a few extra moments to remember why you went there to begin with?  Or, is your memory even worse than that? Are you justifying a noticeable decline in your brain function by saying "Oh, it’s just my age catching up with me, it's normal"? 

The answer is that it is indeed your aging brain, but only in the sense that something needs fixing.  Your brain should run optimally until you’re in your 90’s.  You deserve that.

The most feared health condition is the fear of losing our memory because currently there is no widely recognized medical cure and more importantly, it robs people of their true self and abilities long before death actually occurs.  It’s also just plain frustrating!  And embarrassing.

While there still is no easy one pill cure to reboot your brain’s health, there is in fact emerging research that suggests there are safe therapies to improve your cognitive function to get your brain working well again.  Sadly, our standard medical system still does very little to help improve brain functioning, whether it be to simply kick a brain into 5th gear when needed or whether it be for advanced dementia.

Something to consider is to get a cognoscopy to measure how well your brain is actually functioning.  People are aware that they should get a colonoscopy after age 50 to check their colon, but for some reason people are not aware that their brain function can be tested by doing a quick and simple qEEG (qualitative electroencephalogram) which is often referred to as a brain map.  A brain map done in conjunction with a standardized computer neurocognitive test as part of a cognoscopy can be done to see exactly how well your brain is functioning.

Once the cognoscopy (brain map + neurocognitive testing) is done and if found to be non-optimal, then you may work with specific health professionals to discover what factors are too elevated or deficient so that you can learn how to bring those imbalances back into a healthy range.  That’s when cognitive improvement will be achieved.  

Just a few of the many factors to consider include: micronutrient levels, hormones like testosterone, estrogen, progesterone, growth hormone, thyroid and adrenal hormones, neurotransmitters, genetics, inflammation, sugar, oxidized cholesterol, omegas, toxins like lead, aluminum, mercury, pesticides, mold biotoxins, infections, light hygiene, among many others.  There’s also lifestyle factors like stress, emotions, mental thought patterns, food choices, eating schedule, length and quality of sleep. These can all be monitored, tracked and improved.

If you currently are not completely happy with your brain, then consider starting with a cognoscopy (brain map + neurocognitive test).

Yes, you should be hopeful.  The latest science can be synthesized into a practical plan that can reverse cognitive decline and dramatically improve your brain health and function so that you can live a more enjoyable life.

Have a great week, and as always, please feel free to pass this along!

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  1. This is useful info, Dr. Yoshi! Where can one get brain mapping? Do you have referrals here in LA? I'm interested in it for my mom, who is in NYC.

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