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Thursday, December 14, 2017

Your guide to a healthy heart and sharper mind

Do you ever worry about memory loss?
Do you ever worry about your ability to focus and get work done?
Do you often mix up names of coworkers?
Do you often mix up names of acquaintances – or even your own kids or grandkids?
Do you misplace your child's toys, games, your car keys, or glasses more frequently?
Are you struggling to balance your life between work and caring for your kids?
Do you forget meetings and appointments you’ve made?
Do you enter a room and immediately forget why?
Do you have to re-read passages often?
Or perhaps you worry about more serious memory loss in yourself or a loved one. 1 in 10 adults over 65 will suffer from Alzheimer's or Dementia.
I don’t bring this up to scare you, but to share some good news.
Regardless of the symptoms you or your loved one may experience, there is always room to improve cognitive function.
Preventing (and reversing) memory loss IS possible—because regardless of what you’ve been told — memory loss and dementia are NOT caused solely by genetics. That’s why I’m eager to share some amazing resources with you today.
My friend, Steven Masley, MD, created The Brain Symptom Score Quiz to help you determine how sharp your brain truly is.
Dr. Masley is a physician, nutritionist, trained chef, author, and the creator of the #1 health program for Public Television, 30 Days to a Younger Heart. More recently, Dr. Masley has set his focus on helping people like you tune up their brain to prevent, and even reverse memory loss.
He has created The Brain Symptom Score Quiz as an easy and quick-to-use tool to help you determine whether or not you’re losing your memory. It will provide you personal insight into how your brain is functioning, with easy to understand results. Best of all, this resource is FREE.
It will only take you a few minutes to take this quiz, and it could change your life. Please don’t miss this opportunity.
When you get the results, you’ll also receive a FREE bonus, Dr. Masley’s Better Brain Shopping Guide - which gives you the Top 12 Brain-Boosting Foods to buy, and the Brain Injuring Foods to avoid so that you can nourish and protect your brain starting today. Click here to find out how sharp your brain really is - take this quiz now!
AND THERE'S MORE! Dr. Masley has three steps that come down to what he likes to call the 3 F’s: Food, Fit, and Fun!
It’s a simple, yet POWERFUL formula.
Learn all about “the 3 F’s” and their amazing ability to prevent memory loss, eliminate brain fog, and get you vitally healthy again by watching Dr. Masley’s 3-Part, PBS sneak preview, The Better Brain Solution!
I had to share these free resources with you because the information is just so important.

Dementia and memory loss have affected members of Dr. Masley’s own family, and seeing them suffer inspired him to research and develop effective techniques that have helped thousands of people – I’m sure they can help YOU too.
Make sure to take this free quiz and check out this free video training series today so you can improve your mental sharpness, regain your memory, and eliminate brain fog. 
Enjoy the quiz and video, and as always, feel free to pass this along!

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