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Tuesday, June 9, 2020

COVID-19 Insights + Q&A - June 4th Replay

Thanks to everyone for taking the time to join me on the latest COVID-19 call - your participation was phenomenal and sincerely appreciated, especially with the uncertainty of the times and emotions running high these past few weeks and months. As promised, you can watch the replay below. I have also included some additional information and resources below. Enjoy!


As mentioned on the talk, please take a little time to learn how to think and recognize your own biases when processing so many health and political articles. Many people typically make a decision unconsciously very quickly, then rationalize it very quickly to fit into what they already believe, and they are too stubborn to change their previous viewpoint or at least shift it slightly. I encourage you to have an open mind: Listen to How To Think (And Avoid Cognitive Bias) In The Face Of Conflicting Health Information with Evian Gordon, M.D., Ph.D. from The Energy Blueprint Podcast on Apple Podcasts.

I voiced my own faulty mask bias :) Please check out this great article on Aerosol vs. Droplets. It's a fantastic read so you can form your own well-educated opinion.

Here's a another great article: Coronavirus May Be a Blood Vessel Disease, Which Explains Everything

This was previously sent out, but I'm doing so again because it's a good overview on how long a vaccine will really take

Last but certainly not least, and as I harped on in the Zoom call... TERRAIN and BEND THE CURVE.

Terrain vs. Germ Theory!!! - This is a great table that explains the differences between the Germ Theory, the Terrain Theory and the Germ Terrain Duality Theory. My take is that it's a spectrum, not one or the other, or exactly in the middle, though admittedly, I certainly lean much more toward the terrain end of the spectrum most of the time. Germ theory completely takes away your power! It takes away your humanness. Your gut has 3-5 lbs. of mostly bacteria, fungi, viruses and other microbes in that gooey mess of goodness. We are NOT at war with one single virus.

Use improvement of your terrain to BEND THE CURVE - that is, to decrease the chances of ANY virus to cause sickness or severe sickness in you. The original goal was to flatten the curve, which was smart initially. NOT NOW. Now it should be BEND THE CURVE.

To improve your terrain: eat right, drink right, breathe right, poop right, move right, sleep right, think right, speak right. That's 8 areas to focus on, so let's call that the Terrain 8. I'd bet a lot of $$$ that 99% of people who get severely ill or die from this particular virus have major holes in their terrain, whether it be from low zinc, low vitamins A/D/K2/C, low selenium, low GSH, poor gut microbiome (75% of immune system!). Probably ~95% of the disease situations we are told (i.e. elevated blood pressure, sugar or weight, or other lung diseases) puts people at higher risk are improvable by improving one's terrain. This is my theory. My bias is that I'm right ;)

Cue the shameless plug to call the office (818.957.6909) and ask to join the group microbiome module that Tracy and Kellie will lead - It is affordable and worth it!

So, use your Terrain to BEND THE CURVE. And, be kind to yourself. Be kind to others. Spread love!

"If love has not yet won, then the battle is not yet over. Pray for change, work for change, be the change." - Martin Luther King Jr. III

Have a great week, and please feel free to pass this along!

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