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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

A life-changing opportunity

A couple of years ago I wrote a blog called Master Your Mental Self - Become a Jedi.  In it, I stated that my life had changed dramatically after being introduced to the teaching principles of Joey Klein’s Conscious Transformation courses.  

I mentioned that I had almost turned Jedi in my ability to make happen what I wanted to occur by way of cultivating those thoughts & emotions that serve a purpose in helping me create the life that I want to live. (That was a long winded sentence, but it’s true and powerful, so re-read it please.)

There are a few basic principles that MUST be followed for optimal health: eat right, move your body, and think right.  Of course, there's more great health advice and niches to dive deeper into than just those three areas, but I see so many people who just do not have thought patterns serving them well.  Our thoughts are of utmost importance.  They don't teach us how to think in grade school.  I wish they did, but they don't.  Now is a chance for you to experience a weekend on how to think.

Over the years, I've learned to put more emphasis on my thought patterns and have without question learned so much that has served me extraordinarily.  Of course, I’m still human, so I still have lots to improve on. There are many, many teachers out there to learn from. What I do look forward to is a lifetime of learning and betterment and creating the life I want to live.  

This is an invitation for you to sign up for a Joey Klein Conscious Transformation Seminar on Mental Mastery taking place starting on Friday evening, July 20 and continuing thru Sunday, July 22 in Los Angeles.

From the Conscious Transformation website: "The flagship program of the Transformation Series, Mental Mastery, empowers us with insight into the unconscious patterns that silently drive our behaviors and outcomes in life. The mind, without direction and vision, cannot support us to create a new experience beyond what we have already known. When we become aware of our mental patterns and learn to direct our thoughts to places that serve us and our vision for the future, we begin to step out of the past and into a new possibility, one that we create consciously for ourselves."

In other words, attending and implementing principles from this seminar will allow you to improve your:
  • Relationships / Family
  • Career / Job
  • Health
  • Mood
If you are interested in attending, a few things for you to know:
  • Come Friday night to see what this is all about (I believe Friday night is Free to attend and you will walk away with useful perspective.).
  • Cost of weekend is $498
  • SAVE $100 and Register before June 20th and pay $398
  • If this is your first program with Joey, it is ONLY $200!
When you come with an open mind and willing to learn, it can change your life!  

There are certainly other great teachers out there and if you know of a great life coach/mentor/teacher whose principles are sound and get great results, then I encourage you to explore working with that person on a consistent basis.  What I will tell you is that from my experience, implementing the Conscious Transformation teachings have changed me and thus changed my life, dramatically.  I will say that every one of you ought to be in pursuit of improving your lives with a coach / mentor / teacher, whether using Joey Klein’s Conscious Transformation or some other great teacher.  

I highly recommend spending a weekend committing to yourself.  Become a Jedi, or at least learn to harness the power of your mind and emotions to create a more fulfilling life!

Take advantage of this amazing opportunity and hope to see you all there.

Dr. Yoda :)

Enjoy the video, and as always, feel free to pass this along!

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