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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Fraudulent Water

News flash:  Water is important for human health.  However, there are so many different waters and water systems out there today.  What is good and what is not?  Read on for a few tips.

Two common water myths:
Myth 1:  Distilled and RO water rob the body of minerals.
Myth 2:  Distilled and RO water are acidic.

Spoiler alert: Alkaline water is a fraud.  The pH of water has little physiologic relevance to humans.  Once it hits our tongue, it is neutralized.  The pH of anything you eat or drink does not matter.  Juice any green veggie and it is acidic, even though that green juice will alkalinize the body because it has lots of ‘alkalinity’.  Alkalinity of something is what matters.  Not the pH.  Think: Apple Cider Vinegar :)

Distillation –  Takes fluoride, heavy metals and other inorganic salts out of the water.  Takes everything out of the water except for volatile compounds.  Distilled water is actually OK to drink because the amounts of minerals typically in water are so miniscule to begin with that one should not be relying on any water for their minerals.

Reverse Osmosis – Takes fluoride, heavy metals and other inorganic salts out of the water.  RO does not take volatile compounds out of water.  RO storage tank can become incubators for microbes, so one should drain the storage tank every other day and/or make sure the RO system includes a UV light to kill the microbes.

Activated carbon filter absorption – Removes volatile chemicals like chlorine, chloramines, VOCs (DBPs like THM’s), SOC’s (pesticides, herbicides), tastes & odors, some pharmaceuticals (limited), some personal care product chemicals.  Activated carbon filters do NOT remove any inorganic salts like heavy metals or fluoride (which is what distillation or RO systems will do).

1) Distiller + Carbon filter (but distiller is typically messy) or
2) Reverse Osmosis + Carbon filter (but RO tank can incubate microbes).

A good brand of carbon filter is MultiPure.  Most others are crap.  Most brands of reverse osmosis or distillation are at least decent, so no brand dropping for those in this blog.

If you want to test your home water, then National Testing Laboratory (NTL) = cheap and good.

Now on to the less defined and more subtle qualities of water.  Water has many dimensions and energetic properties.  So what about quantum vibration, intention, imprinting, sacred geometry, freezing, praising, vibrant vital water vortexors, revitalizers?  I’m definitely not sure about this, however, I am sure that I want to drink healthy water and that there is much that we have yet to learn about water.  As such, I choose to “liven” up the water that I drink and I do this by running it through a filter that simply contains rocks and crystals in it.  That comes after the reverse osmosis + carbon filter.

As always, enjoy the video, and feel free to pass it along!

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