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Thursday, November 19, 2015

O2 and Breathing

Oxygen. Quite simply it’s the most important nutrient to give your body. So… what’s the most helpful piece of medical advice that I can tell you to do? Quite simply, it’s to keep breathing as long as possible :) I say that kiddingly because it’s so obvious. I say that seriously because it’s not just that you breathe, it’s that you breathe properly. This even goes just a tick above learning to think properly. We breathe every minute of every day of our lives. As important as thinking right is, you can’t think if you don’t breathe for long. Breathing right is important. A few deep breaths can calm us like a shot of valium. Oxygenating well offers a fountain of youth.

Breathing well brings more oxygen to cells. Oxygen is life. Life is oxygen. Oxygen elevates mood. Oxygenating well increases mental clarity. It detoxifies your body.

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that YOU (yes, you) DO NOT BREATHE RIGHT. And for those of you who do breathe right, you only do it right some of the time.

Breathing is both a conscious and unconscious body function.

We must learn to breathe properly and do it consistently to live optimally.

Improper: So, take a deep breath in and hold it. If you notice that your shoulders are tense, and your chest is out with your stomach mostly sucked in, then your breathing is not right.

Proper inhalation: Breathe from your belly (when inhaling, make your belly button go as far away from the spine as possible) and pretend that your abs, glutes, and back are doing the breathing for you. Take the chest out of it to begin with. Babies breathe with their stomach, not their chest. Be more baby-like in your breathing :)

Proper breathing: Breathe in through your nose for 4 seconds (using your abs, glutes, and your back), hold for 4 seconds, exhale out through your mouth for 4 seconds, hold exhalation for 4 seconds, and then repeat that cycle.

The right way: This is not the only right way to breathe. There are many techniques and timings that one can play with, but this is a simple version to do and I encourage you to spend just 1 minute each hour of your day to do this (that’s only 4 cycles of breathing each hour). It’ll lower your stress hormones, balance your neurotransmitters and just make a healthier you.

Breathing Boost: If you want to get extravagant and live on the edge, then you may place the tip of your tongue gently against the roof of your mouth just behind the upper teeth while you do your breathing exercise.

It's interesting that a simple way to test your longevity as it currently stands is to simply hold your breath for as long as you can (without passing out please). If you cannot hold it longer than 1 minute, then breathing exercises are a must for your longevity’s sake. If you cannot hold it longer than 2 minutes, then breathing exercises are still a great idea from a longevity standpoint.

Now I’m just going to boast a little and say that a few years ago, I held my breath for 4:16. That was in the pool with my head under water, so, yes, that time is truth.

Also, interesting is the fact that as of a couple years ago, my wife literally could not exhale for more than a few seconds despite her being a phenomenal athlete her entire life. She has learned since then through doing similar calming breathing exercises how to control her inhalations and exhalations and this has helped her in life in multiple ways. Very neat.

Enjoy the video below, and as always, free to pass it along!

Medical Disclaimer: Information provided in this article is for informational purposes only. The information is a result of years of practice and experience by Yoshi Rahm, DO. However, this information is NOT intended as a substitute for the advice provided by your physician or other health care professional, or any information contained on or in any product label or packaging. 

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