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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Hand Sanitizer Nastiness – What can I do?

Around here, in my office, it seems like the New Year brought in the cold and flu season.  Happy 2015!  For the past couple years, the FDA has been looking into the usefulness and safety of hand sanitizers.  After all, that evaporating hand sanitizer is so handy and is great to help reduce the transmission of cold and flu germs, right?

Not only do they not work better than regular soap and water for killing germs, they can also increase antibiotic resistance.  And, they’re actually dangerous!

In 2010, the FDA first announced its concerns about the chemical triclosan in sanitizers, soaps and toothpaste that has been used for many, many years.  Congressman Edward Markey, from Mass., has been pushing for tighter control over triclosan and other consumer product chemicals because he says “It’s in our drinking water, it’s in our rivers, and, as a result it’s in our bodies…. It’s something that creates a danger.”  Triclosan has been banned in many other countries and in the state of Minnesota, as of 2014.  It is a very reactive chlorinated phenol compound. It degrades to extremely toxic dioxins. It is an endocrine disruptor and most Americans have it in our bodies.  "Endocrine disruptor" is a term for manmade chemicals that have extremely toxic hormone-like effects on your body.

Research suggests that Triclosan can combine with chlorine in your water supply to generate chloroform, a known carcinogen (cancer promoter), and which is very stable in your body, and will last a long time.  As an endocrine disruptor, it could wreak havoc on your breasts, prostate, uterus, and more.

Don't buy clothing laced with antibacterial or anti-odor chemicals.  These organic chemicals can migrate right through your skin.  And, because of their lipid soluble nature, wind up in the fat of your mammary glands, or move right through your blood-brain barrier into your brain and entire nervous system.  Instead, stick with natural fabrics.

Please do not use chemical laden soaps and especially antibacterial soaps! The best defense against infection is a powerful immune system.  Triclosan and other chemicals like it destroy your immune system.  If you need topical antibacterial support, consider the wonders of essential oils like oregano and thyme.

One of my favorite soaps is anything made by Dr. Bronner's.  Their peppermint soap is great to use in the morning to wake you up for the day, while their lavender soap is great for evening and to relieve stress and promote sleep.  Why do I like Dr. Bronner’s soap?  Because I could eat it and know that it would not be bad for me.  Of course, I don’t eat it and I don’t encourage you do that either. J  Dr. Bronner’s products are quite pure and Dr. Bronner's is an amazingly ethical company in my opinion.  You can find it in most health food stores.  

Get rid of toothpaste containing antibacterials. Why would any regulator allow such a compound to enter your mouth??  For a nice, effective and super easy homemade toothpaste see my recent blog here.

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