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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Do You Have Mercury-based Dental Fillings? Uh-Oh.

While the FDA has long denied any harm from amalgam (50% mercury-based) fillings, a new study cites FDA data to demonstrate the fact that dental amalgam may indeed cause mercury poisoning in genetically susceptible children.  Are you appalled?  I sure am, especially since it doesn’t take a brain surgeon to think that mercury might not be the best thing to chew on (sarcasm).  What does it mean?  

A reanalysis of a key clinical trial cited by the FDA as evidence for the safety of amalgams (BioMetals Feb 2014, Vol 27, Issue 1, pp 19-24) asserts that mercury vapor from dental amalgam appears to contribute significantly to mercury body burden, and that this exposure contributes significantly to mercury body burden and cause harm to genetically susceptible individuals.  The report notes that many Americans with amalgams are exposed to unsafe levels of mercury vapor according to well-established regulatory standards.  This is one of 2 major studies that the FDA and American Dental Association base their claims of safety on.  However, this recent report is from an independent team that reanalyzed in more detail the more important of the 2 major studies.  Measurable brain deficits, particularly attention deficit.  According to lead author, Kristin Holmes, “We’re concerned because mercury appears to be the most biochemically plausible explanation for many mysterious conditions, from developmental disorders to neurodegenerative conditions.”

Here is a link to the actual report.

Given that approximately 180 million Americans have dental fillings and half of those are mercury-based, I echo the concern that not only should dentists stop using amalgam fillings, but they should be outlawed.

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  1. I have a great dentist in Glendale, Dr. Brian Cho, who only uses the new type of fillings--doesn't use the amalgam type at all and "preaches" against them. Recommend him to anyone in the area.

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